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Women and Pensions 2016

Every 3 years, here at The Pensions Advisory Service, we carry out research  looking at how changes within the world of pension saving effects the position of women as pension savers.

Please note: Our women and pensions 2016 survey is now closed. The results of the survey will be released April 2016. 

Our latest survey is focusing on confidence and empowerment of female pension savers, exploring their attitudes and beliefs regarding later life provision. As part of our survey development, we have focused our questions on the ‘life triggers’ which often impact women’s choices, informing the basis for making financial decisions. 
While the survey is titled “Women and Pensions”, we are aware that many factors highlighted in the survey, which influence saving amongst women, also affect other genders. We therefore welcome views from all genders within the world of pension planning.

Please note that all of the data collected from this survey will be used for research purposes only. Any responses we receive will be kept confidential, unless you provide your details and consent.

Results of the survey will be released April 2016, but if you’d like to read our previous women and pensions survey findings from previous years please click here. 

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