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Call: 0800 011 3797

Call: 0800 011 3797


How we can help

Before making a complaint you may wish to have a better understanding of the situation and have questions to ask about your pension. Many of our users have found that after speaking to TPAS their questions have been answered, their minds have been put at ease and they have no further need to make a complaint.

If you do need to make a complaint: Talk to your scheme first

If you find that you’re not happy with an aspect of your pension scheme, it makes sense to then take your issue directly to the scheme administrator.

Administrators run the scheme and will know all of the rules and how these apply to you. If they can’t resolve the problem and they have been unable to explain why something is as it is, or if you feel they aren’t dealing with it properly, then you can look to escalate your complaint through your scheme’s Internal Dispute Resolution Process (IDRP).

If you would like to discuss your complaint, please contact us.  We can explain your situation and guide and support you with any next steps - this may include recommending that you contact the Pensions Ombudsman.

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Where can I find out more?

If you need more information, please contact us. A pension specialist from our team will be happy to help with whatever pensions-related question you have. Our help is always free.

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