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Call: 0300 123 1047

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Even in the best run schemes mistakes can happen or things can take too long. If something going wrong means you are worse off, you could be entitled to compensation to make good that loss.

Financial loss

The purpose of compensation is to try and put you back in the position you would have been in, had nothing gone wrong. In other words, compensation should be enough to make sure you are not worse off because of someone’s mistake or delay.  

Non-financial loss

Compensation may also be payable if you have suffered significant upset or disappointment.   Awards are usually modest.    

How can we help?

In the first instance it is always best to contact your pension provider to talk to them about what has happened and give them a chance to put things right.  If you are not sure how to go about this or you want to talk through your concerns first, we are happy to help and you can contact our helpline on 0300 123 1047.

It's always best to put something in writing to your provider or the organisation you are complaining about and make a note of who you spoke to and on what dates so that you can keep a record of what you have asked them to address.  If you're unhappy with their reply, please send us copies of your correspondence and if you can, evidence of the loss you think they caused. If you relied on a mistake, and now you are worse off, we'll work with you and your provider to find an appropriate outcome. If we think there are no grounds for compensation to be paid we will explain why. We'll also explain what you can do next if you don't agree with us.    

Frequently asked...

I’ve spent 5 hours of my own time dealing with this complaint. I should be compensated for my time.

Your own time is not something you can normally charge for.  And because of the free service we and the Pensions Ombudsman provide, professional help would normally be seen as unnecessary.   

Where can I find out more?

If you need more information, please contact us. A pension specialist from our team will be happy to help with whatever pensions-related question you have. Our help is always free.

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