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Would you rather keep working than retire?

New research from Prudential has found that some people would prefer to do just that, with 23% of those planning to retire in 2014 saying that they want to continue with some form of work.  Another 13% have decided to postpone their retirement as they want to continue to work. 

The research has also found that 23% would consider working full time and 31% would consider working part time.  57% of those postponing their retirement past state pension age are doing so to stay mentally and physically active, 35% want to boost their savings, 40% enjoy working and 39% don't feel ready to retire. 

Traditionally, people worked full time until their retirement date, and then retired, but in recent years, this retirement cliff edge has turned into more of a slope, with a more gradual move to retirement.  The rules have been relaxed so that it is often possible (depending on the scheme's rules) to draw a pension at the same time as continuing to work.  It is also possible to put off claiming the state pension, which can lead to a higher pension or a one-off lump sum when the pension is eventually claimed. 

If you are thinking about beginning the retirement process, and want to know all your options, read more about it on our website here.   

Or if you are considering putting off your state pension, you can read more about it here.  

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