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World Poetry Day

Edward Lear was born on 12th May 1812. He is remembered for his “literary nonsense” in his poetry and limericks. Perhaps the best example of his work is The Owl and the Pussycat. In fact, Lear started life illustrating birds and animals and later composed and published musical settings of Tennyson’s poems.

While at the time, Lear’s career hopping was less common, the average person today will work for six different employers. This means that keeping a track of all your pensions is more important than ever. Take a look at our lost pensions tool for help tracking down schemes that you think you joined in a former job.

Edward Lear had both British and Italian citizenship. He spent his summers on Monte Generoso, a mountain on the Swiss/Italian border towards the end of his life. Lear enjoyed travelling for long periods of time, illustrating his journeys across Greece, Egypt and India with colourfully published works. If, like Lear, you find yourself working or retiring abroad there are some important implications this may have on your pensions. Read our content about moving abroad to learn more.

From a young age, Edward Lear suffered from epileptic seizures and bronchitis, later developing partial blindness. Whilst Lear was able to continue working, many are not so fortunate. In some cases, it is possible to apply for an ill-health pension. When he passed away in Italy in 1888, Lear left no spouse or children. His closest companions were his chef Giorgis and his cat Foss. When it comes to pensions, it’s important to ensure your nomination of wishes forms are kept up to date so when the inevitable happens your money will be passed on to the right person.

Be like the owl and the pussycat, save into a pension so that you too can take ‘some honey, and plenty of money’ into retirement. If you have any questions about your pension get in touch. Hopefully, our specialists will have you dancing ‘by the light of the moon’.

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