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World Oceans Day

By 2050, it is estimated that there will be more plastic in the Ocean than fish. The shocking images shown on Blue Planet II in 2017, galvanised a wide group of people into championing the cause for banning plastic straws and other one use plastics. Within a very short period of time, companies were voluntarily stopping the use of plastic straws, the Government announced a consultation and urged the Commonwealth countries to follow suit. The activity was not limited to the UK; a growing number of cities in the US, including New York, are taking up the idea of banning plastic straws.
This story shows the power of the media to inspire people and organisations to change behaviours to make a difference. It helps to have an adorable mammal (the turtle or maybe David Attenborough!) as the visualisation of the harm that the plastic is doing to our oceans. Could the media be used to have a similar positive impact by showing the horrors of the pension scams that continue to threaten many peoples retirement? It is impossible to legislate to stop pension scams as the prize is too big for the scammers and most of the current scams are completely legal so legislation would have to take away current consumer rights. The only answer to pension scams is to raise awareness and help people protect themselves.
We have loaded all of our information and guidance on scams on to our website, including our spotlight guide Please be the pension equivalent of David Attenborough, by finding opportunities to raise awareness of pension scams in community events.

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