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World Hello Day

It has struck me today that the best thing about saying “Hello” is that it is very difficult to say without smiling.

Try it……

Hello in other languages has the same effect:

It works! You are smiling.

We all know that smiling makes you feel positive as it releases the feel-good chemical dopamine into our system.

Recently we took part in some research with State Street and The Peoples Pension where they analysed the words used in our customers’ online enquiries. The research analysed over a million and a half words, that’s equivalent to 8 copies of the Oxford English Language Dictionary. It was looking for differences between gender and age. In fact, the overwhelming result of the research was that people, regardless of gender or age, respond much better to positive messaging.

What are the key messages that we push out as an industry?
•    People are not saving enough.
•    People do not engage with their pension.
•    Pensions are complicated.

None of these messages are positive.

So on #WorldHelloDay, see how many people you can say “Hello” to and extra points if you can then have a positive conversation about pensions.

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