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Winter Solstice

The legend of the winter solstice answers the question about why evergreen trees remain green when everything else has died.

The story goes that Mr Sun decided to take a break from warming the earth and so he went on a bit of a holiday. Before he left, Mr Sun told all the trees and plants not to worry because he would be back soon when it felt rejuvenated and reinvigorated.

After Mr Sun had been gone a while, the earth began to get chilly and many of the trees wailed and moaned in fear that Mr Sun would never return. Some of the trees got so upset that they cried, dropping their leaves on the ground. However, far up in the hills, above the snow line, the firs and pines and holly could see that Mr Sun was indeed still out there although he was far away.

The firs and pines and holly tried to reassure the other trees but they continued to cry a lot and drop more leaves. Eventually, Mr Sun began to make his way back and the earth grew warmer. When he finally returned, he looked around and saw all the bare trees. Mr Sun was disappointed at the lack of faith that the trees had shown and reminded them that he had kept his promise to return. As a reward for believing in him, Mr Sun told the fir, the pine and the holly that they would be permitted to keep their green needles and leaves all year long, they would be evergreen.

There is a clear link between wellbeing, staying “evergreen”, and having no money worries. A pension is a great way of achieving this position. For this reason, we urge our customers to think very carefully on:

As you look at the splendour of the evergreens at this time of year, make your retirement as happy as this poem from Jon Bratton by spending some time thinking about your pension.

Retirement is a time
For feeling glad to be alive,
A time when friendships blossom
And enthusiasms thrive.

A chance to do the special things
You always wished you could.
Retirement is a special time
For knowing…life is good.

Congratulations on your

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