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As a nation, we are internationally renowned for our queueing. Nowhere has this art of queueing been better perfected or more celebrated than at Wimbledon. The tennis championships have a global following so as you can expect tickets can be pricey and hard to come by. But if you're prepared for a bit of hardship, you can queue your way to first-rate seats at the spiritual home of tennis, SW19. It's simple, the earlier you get to the queue, the better chance you have of getting to see the stars of the game. As a seasoned queuer since childhood, I thought I'd seen it all but this year I decided instead of waking up at 5am, why not camp overnight in Wimbledon Park to secure my spot at the front of the line.

Arriving fully laden with tent and supplies on Sunday evening, we received our all-important queue cards. These are the precious tickets that secure your place and prevent any foul play. To my surprise, we were already a whopping 1,648 places from the front. Ticket number one went to a very committed individual who arrived at Wimbledon Park on Friday morning and endured sleeping in his car and two nights in a tent to claim his place. I love tennis more than most people but one night of the festival-like squalor was enough until next year's tournament.

This 'early bird catches the worm' logic is similar to pensions. Saving for your later life can seem daunting but the sooner you start the less you will have to contribute each year over the course of your career. Also if you start contributing earlier in your career to a pension then your money will have more time to grow, meaning more money for your retirement.

Today, all new starters who are aged 22 and over and earning over the threshold will be automatically enrolled into a pension meaning for most people saving for retirement will become a natural part of starting a career.

If you're self-employed and want to know how to start saving into a pension or how much you should be saving, you might benefit from a talking to one of our specialists. You can find out more about our mid-life review appointments.

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