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Volunteer Week: A big thanks from TPAS!

1st to 7th June is Volunteers’ Week 2015, a celebration of the fantastic contribution made by volunteers across the UK.  And we would like to join in that celebration by thanking all our volunteers for the help they have given The Pensions Advisory Service (TPAS). Our service helps over 100,000 people with their pension questions and problems. We would not be able to help so many people without the support that the TPAS team get from 400 pension professionals who give their time and expertise to help others. 

TPAS volunteers come from all sections of the pension industry. Michelle Cracknell, Chief Executive of TPAS said “The industry should be rightly proud of the contribution their colleagues give in using their specialist pensions knowledge to help people with their pensions. We believe that being a volunteer at TPAS is very rewarding as you can use pension knowledge that you take for granted to change peoples lives”.

Richard Purdue is a retired actuary and a longstanding volunteer. Richard said “TPAS has given me the opportunity to use the knowledge and skills I learnt whilst at work to help others.  If it were not for TPAS many of these people would not have access to such help and advice.”

Martin Kennedy of the Pensions Protection Fund has recently become a TPAS volunteer adviser. Martin explained “I decided I wanted to give something back and put my name forward.” After attending a training session and receiving his first case, Martin says “I’m raring to go!” 

We also have a small team of non-pension professionals who help us with our day to day administration tasks. Pari Patel has been coming to the office for over a year, usually once or twice a week. Pari says she enjoys “Making a difference to TPAS team and its clients.

On behalf of the thousands of people who use our service, a big “Thank you” to all our volunteers.

If you're interested in volunteering email us at: volunteer@pensionsadvisoryservice.org.uk

For more information about Volunteers’ week please click here.

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