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US Mid-terms

Yesterday was the US Mid-term elections which saw a huge increase in voter turn out perhaps the highest since 1966.

Mid-terms are often seen as a good gauge of the political temperature. For first time Presidents, they may give an indication of whether they will be one term or two-term Presidents. For opposition Parties, they show whether their message is getting through or not and if they win ground may give them more of a platform to win the Presidency in two or 6 years’ time.

This time around both the Democrats and the Republicans have reasons for hope and disappointment.

So there seems to be two major conclusions from last night.

Firstly that people are more engaged with politics than in the last 50 years and secondly that the direction of travel for American politics in the short to medium term is still in the balance.

At TPAS we are about to launch our Mid Life Review for the self-employed, as part of our strategy of engaging with people at important points in their lives. The Mid Life Review is a good opportunity for people to assess where they are in terms of their money, work, family and health and provide valuable guidance and signposting to further help. We are aiming for as high engagement as the US Mid-terms with eventually 45-50% of those eligible taking up the opportunity to have a review. A similar turnout has been achieved with free health checks with 48% taking it up.  

The reviews will allow people to plan better for the future and should give more certainty than this crop of Mid-terms however.

If you wish to get in early then please pre-register your interest in a Mid Life Review.

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