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TPAS publishes its Annual report and Accounts for 2013/14

TPAS is pleased to share its Annual report and Accounts for 2013/14. The report provides information on what we have done, our service delivery, financial performance and governance.

The service is pleased to report that demand for real time access to information (telephony and web chat) saw an increase to 62,243 customers from 57,638 (8%) influenced in the last quarter by the Budget and also in response to radio and TV coverage of TPAS.  A further 15,000 customers were redirected to more appropriate services, as part of our work to improve customer journeys across the wider pensions landscape. The top five issues that we spoke to people about were; decisions at retirement, triviality, contract terms and eligibility, financial advice and general legal rights. 

  Partha Dasgupta, the outgoing Chair of TPAS, wrote:

“A unique aspect of the delivery of our service is the contribution made by volunteers with a professional background in pensions. We are hugely indebted to our willing and capable volunteers that enable us to deliver services way beyond our budget.”

Michelle Cracknell, Chief Executive of the Pensions Advisory Service, said:

“Back in 1982, when the need for an advisory service was still only a thought, Margaret Grainger wrote that every scheme member “…is potentially someone who, one day, will feel bemused or badly treated…”  That remains true today. We are passionate about the quality of the services that we offer giving people access to the pension professionals, who work for us on a full time or volunteer basis, to help them with their pension issues.”


TPAS' Annual Report and Accounts for 2013/14 was laid before both Houses of Parliament on 10th July. You can find further details here 

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