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Toys of Christmas Past: 40 Somethings

I remember adding a Cabbage Patch Kid to my Christmas List in the 1980s – the doll brand was one of the most popular toy fads back then.  I awoke eagerly on Christmas morning and was delighted to find that Santa had delivered one. 

From board games to talking robots, the toys of our past certainly left a lasting impression in both our minds and the pockets of our parents.

Every decade has its unforgettable toys and many end up increasing in value over time – especially if they’ve been kept in the original box.  Hungry Hippos could be bought for £3.94 in 1978 and can now be bought for around £70.

Whether you grew up in the 70s, 80s, 90s or 00s, you could have some valuable toys lying around.  You may not even realise you've got a fortune stashed away. According to research from Zurich, the average value of items stored in lofts is £584. Its survey found that Barbies, Action Men and Fisher Price toys were popular attic inhabitants.  Merchandise from Star Wars, Doctor Who and Lord of the Rings was also stored by many respondents – and these could be particularly valuable.

It’s also the case that many people lose track of some of their pension entitlements that they have built up over their working life.  It’s not always easy to keep track of a pension, especially if you’ve been in more than one scheme or have changed employer throughout your career. But, it’s important that you do claim your pension, so the sooner you trace a lost pension, the better.  For more information and help on finding your lost pension, please click here.

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