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Too many E Numbers

E-numbers are codes for food additives used within the EU. Out of interest, the “E” stands for “Europe” – I wonder whether E-numbers will change to U-numbers? The single list for food additives started in 1962 with food colouring. Later, new series of E-numbers for preservatives, emulsifiers, stabilisers, thickeners and gelling agents (to name but a few) were added.
The reason for labelling food additives is that they can cause side effects such as hyperactivity. One particular additive that has been cited for this reason is the E110-119 orange colour. I had a friend who religiously removed all of the orange smarties before giving them to her son as she said it made him get overexcited. Just to note, smarties now only use natural food colourants.
An “E” that causes much excitement in pensions is engagement. It is often said that if we could get people more engaged that would be the solution to ensuring that everyone makes informed decisions about their pensions. There is a  case study in Sweden where the nation enthused people to take active decisions about their pension. When the advertising budget ran out, people stopped reviewing their investments leaving some of them in wholly inappropriate funds.
People just need help with their pension in the form of impartial guidance so that they can make choices. To get the most from your pension, you do need a few “Ex-numbers”.

  • Extra time – allow for some extra time in order to gather together the information that you need to make an informed decision
  • Excellent news – you may find that you have forgotten about some of your pensions so you may have some excellent news in that you have more money than you thought.
  • Experience - speaking to a pension specialist about what you have got, what you want and what to do will put you on the right path in respect of your pension.
  • Excitement – your pension is your money and will help you have the retirement that you want so thinking about what to do can be quite exciting.
  • Expert - you need to be an expert in one thing – YOU.

So to make sure that your pension exceeds your expectations and that you can have an exotic retirement, take the time to examine your retirement plans, no excuses!

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