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The Year of the Dog

2018 is the Year of the Dog according to the Chinese zodiac. Dog is the eleventh in the 12-year cycle of Chinese zodiac signs. The Years of the Dog include 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994 and 2006. People born in the Year of the Dog are usually independent, sincere, loyal and decisive. They are not afraid of difficulties in daily life but can be sensitive, conservative, stubborn and emotional.

If you were born in a Year of the Dog, here are our top pension tips:

  • You like to be independent, so having a good pension should be really important to you. You may be tempted to set up your own independent pension but, you should also make sure that you take the benefit from any pension offered by your employer.
  • You may be over loyal to the providers of your old pension arrangements. If these have exit charges, you may benefit from moving your pension to a new style contract at age 55. Read here for more information.
  • Your decisive nature is a good thing when it comes to making decisions on increasing contributions, but always pause and take guidance before taking permanent actions, like transferring out of a defined benefit pension or cashing in your pension pot. Before deciding, make sure that you seek guidance.
  • You’re conservative and this may reflect in your choice of investment. You do need to think carefully about the level of risk in your pension investment. If you opt for too low risk fund when you have many years to go to retirement, your pension fund may not grow sufficiently for your needs.
  • However, do not let your emotions take over your investment decisions, for example selling your investments immediately when the market plummets. Remember, markets go up and as well as down. You can find out more about choosing investments here.

Dogs are man's best friend who obey their masters and give out unconditional love. Your pension can be your best fund where it can help you meet your retirement goals.

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