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The Oscars

Monday marked the 91st Academy Awards, and we’re told it was another good night for British talent with a host of nominations and 5 wins, most notably for Olivia Coleman, who won Best Actress for her starring role in The Favourite.

Be that as it may, at The Pensions Advisory Service we only have time for facts, not fiction (or “idle speculation” as we prefer to call it), so the only category we pay any attention to is Best Documentary. And that was won by Free Solo, the thrilling tale of Alex Honnold’s climb of El Capitan, a 1 ½ mile tall vertical rock formation in California. The film’s title is drawn from the fact that he climbed the rock by ‘free soloing’, which means he didn’t use any ropes, harnesses or other protective equipment.

Climbing actual mountains is well and good of course, but in our experience it often pales in comparison to climbing metaphorical mountains. Like the mountains of paperwork that constitute many people’s combined pension provision.

For many, annual statements, welcome packs and wake-up packs alike come through the letterbox, scarcely looked at, and are simply chucked on the pile with last year’s. As a result of which, far too many people don’t know what they will have to rely on in retirement; whether they are on track to achieve the income and retirement date they need. At The Pensions Advisory Service our helpline guiders are on-hand to answer any question you like, to help you understand what your pension’s paperwork says, and what it means in practical terms. We can even talk you through how you might trace a lost pension, potentially recovering years’ worth of income in the process.

And the best thing about conquering your pension mountain is that afterwards you’ll get to live off it for the rest of your life, whereas Alex Honnold just had to climb back down again.

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