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The Glorious Twelfth

12th August marks the start of the grouse shooting season and is traditionally known as the Glorious Twelfth. The Glorious Twelfth, the day when the shooting season begins on Britain's grouse moors unless it falls on a Sunday, as this year, in which case, it is deferred by a day, following a rule enshrined in the Game Act 1831.
The red grouse is one of the fastest birds on Earth and manages 80mph after just a few wing beats. Grouse are not bred for shooting but breed naturally with a population of 250,000 pairs, which builds up to very high densities only to crash a few years later. The crash is attributed to disease rather than shooting as the speed of the grouse means that only the best shot is successful.
It would be very easy to write off shooting and an act dating back to 1831 as history but it should not be seen as such. History can play an important part in the way that we shape today’s society. No better example exists as pensions, which by the time that you start to draw your pension the type of pension that you have may be one that applies to yesteryear. The benefits in the contract and how you take the pension may be forgotten by many even the provider. Luckily, the Pensions Advisory Service has the specialist and historic knowledge to help you with these old but possibly glorious pensions.

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