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Surprising facts: FA Cup and Pensions

I always thought that the FAC Cup final was where the minnow football teams took the big boys by surprise. But, when I did my research, these are the surprising ten facts that I discovered.

  1. Tottenham Hotspur is the only non-League club to win the FA cup (1900-1901)
  2. West Ham United became the last side to date to win the competition from outside the top division
  3. Premier League side Norwich City lost at home to non-league Luton Town in the 2012–13 FA Cup competition.
  4. Peter Osgood is the last player to date score in every round of the cup.
  5. Oldest FA Cup finalist, was 41 years and 257 days old and the youngest player was age 17 years and 119 days
  6. Eric Cantona became the first non-British or Irish player to captain a winning side in the FA Cup and Ruud Gullit became the first overseas manager to win the FA Cup
  7. Arsenal and Manchester United are currently joint holders of the most FA Cup trophies
  8. Record for most FA Cup wins by a player is held by Ashley Cole, who has won it seven times
  9. Portsmouth hold the record for holding the FA Cup the longest by virtue of the suspension of the competition for World War II
  10. 1973 FA Cup Final was the only time that a coloured ball (orange) was used

Here are my top ten surprising facts about pensions:

  1. In 2015, female participation in the private sector has risen to a level slightly higher than male eligible employees
  2. Of the 18,000 customers who selected “press 1 if you have a complaint” on the TPAS helpline, only 1,000 were identified as having an issue. You can find out more about pensions and complaints here
  3. State pension age has gone down! The beginning of the modern state pension was the Old Age Pensions Act 1908, that provided 5 shillings (£0.25) a week for those over age 70 whose annual means do not exceed £31.50
  4. The second top enquiry received by TPAS in 2015-2016 was regarding setting up, joining, contributing into a pension
  5. You should contribute more to your pension if you do yoga as it increases your life expectancy
  6. Male fitness instructors have a lower life expectancy than the average male journalist
  7. The highest incidence of lost pensions is in the lowest age group, age 18-44 – use our tool now
  8. Pensions historically were paid to unmarried partners including Catherine Sedley, mistress of James II, the Duchess of Kendall, mistress of George I and Madame de Wallmoden, mistress of George II – see our story 
  9. 51% of people now have held the same email address for over 10 years – has your pension scheme got your personal email?
  10. There are over 50 types of pension in the UK. Do you know what pension you have. Contact us to find out.

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