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Superhero Pensions

On International Men’s Day, we should celebrate our superheroes that save the world by wearing their underpants outside their trousers!

My 5 top superheroes are:

  1. Superman  - Number one and the first superhero. Superman is comic book history. Without Superman, the first big comic book superhero, we might not have had Spider-Man, Batman, and the others. He may have been the first but decades later, Superman is still going strong with movies, TV shows, books and merchandise.  
  2. Spiderman  - Spiderman has relatively few super powers apart from being able to climb up vertical walls but what he lacked in ability, he made up in heart. He has a “spider sense” that warns him of impending danger. Spiderman, a scientist by profession, supplemented his powers with technology assistance such as web-slingers and bracelets that shoot out a sticky webbing, allowing him to swing from building to building and capture the criminals.
  3. Batman – The “Milk Tray man” of the superheroes. There is something mysterious and intriguing about Batman or maybe his alter ego, millionaire Bruce Wayne. Batman has no super powers but he has a nice pad and a great car.
  4. Wolverine – A more recent super hero, Wolverine has quickly risen to the top of the X-Men as a favourite character. His powers include the power to quickly regenerate and a mighty set of claws that can be used for practically anything.
  5. The Hulk  - A super hero that we all relate to as we all get angry, although for most of us it does not mean that we turn green and our clothes rip as our body becomes “hulk like”. When Bruce Banner changes into the Hulk, he becomes an unstoppable beast of near unlimited strength, power, and destruction. However, this power is always focussed on delivering good outcomes for humankind.

Imagine if my 5 top superheroes worked in pensions, what sort of super pension we could have. Funded by the unlimited wealth of Batman, ability for the fund to regenerate quickly after a stockmarket crash like Wolverine and the Hulk’s ability to deliver good outcomes. A pension that enhances its return through the smart use of sticky technology and has the longevity of superman.

Even without super powers, pensions deliver lots of benefits; tax relief on contributions, help from your employer’s contributions, tax friendly and professionally managed investments. Best of all, a pension can let you have a super hero retirement. Let’s marvel at the superhero qualities of pensions on International Men’s Day.

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