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Strictly Finals and the Pension Quickstep

The grand final week has arrived for the Strictly Come Dancing stars and its avid followers. Saturday will be the big reveal on who’ll be lifting the Strictly Glitter ball and be crowned King or Queen of the Ballroom. The four finalists will don the sequins and glitter for the last time to dazzle us with their brand new show dance plus two past routines, one judge’s pick and one of their own.

Here at TPAS we’ve been thinking all about whisking round the dance floor and you might be surprised to hear that ballroom dancing and pension saving actually have a lot in common!

  • Like a Waltz, your pension can rise and fall in terms of value depending upon the underlying investments;
  • Your risk profile can be measured to the tempo which a Foxtrot can be danced too : low, medium or high;
  • Pension scheme rules can be complex depending on your scheme, just like the difference in choreography rules of a Paso Doble versus a Rumba; and
  • It’s never too late to start learning to dance or, to start saving into a pension – but the earlier the better!

Once you master the basic steps in any ballroom dance you’re half way to the glitter ball! The same goes for saving into a pension. Understanding the basics means you can fully know your options, appreciate the benefits of saving for later life and make your pension work for you.

So dance your way into later life and find out more about our top tips for pension saving or if you’ve got a specific question about your pension please get in touch. Remember, no question is too big or small.

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