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State Pension top up scheme opens

Today, 12th October, the Government has launched its state pension top-up scheme. The scheme is open to state pensioners who reach state pension age before 6 April 2016 and wish to purchase additional state pension. Your state pension can be increased by up to £25 per week and the scheme runs until 5 April 2017. 

The payments, known as Class 3A National Insurance contributions, will allow people to increase their state pension entitlement above the current maximum £115.95 a week, by up to an additional £25 a week. Savers can buy this additional guaranteed income from the government by making a one-off lump sum payment, but the cost depends on the individual’s age. Men born before 6 April 1951 and women before 6 April 1953 are eligible and there is also a 90-day “cooling off” period. Individuals can apply for the scheme via two routes – online or by telephone.

More information, including the costs by age, can be found here.  To top-up by telephone, the number to call is 0345 600 4270.

Further details about buying additional state pension can be found on our factsheet. There are a number of things you should consider when deciding whether to top up your state pension, including your state of health, any state benefits you may be receiving and your tax position.

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