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Sliding Doors

Recently, I left a seminar I was attending 15 minutes earlier than I needed to. I got on the tube and chose the first of two places where I could have changed lines to get to my destination.

In the interchange, there was an external announcement for the Police to contact the control centre urgently. The message kept repeating. I carried walking up the escalator when 2 policeman ran up the escalator faster than I have ever seen. I carried on. I then saw masses of people running towards me with panic on their faces. I turned and ran with them. I then stopped as I saw a train on the opposite platform. I jumped on and prayed that the doors would close. After a minute that felt like an hour, the doors closed and we were on our way. I sat on the tube wondering what was happening, embarrassed that I did not think to help anyone and thinking who would have noticed if I had gone missing.

I made a number of sliding door decisions that I made in an instant that could have changed my life.

I left the seminar early to have the immediate gratification of clearing my inbox before the next meeting rather than the deferred gratification of expanding my knowledge.I chose the first interchange because I vaguely remember a friend saying that station was best for changing, not that they were knowledgeable about London travel.

  • I followed the crowd in running away.
  • My concept of time as I waited for the doors to close was completely distorted.
  • I then thought about the things that matter to me.

It made me think why some people struggle to make decisions about their pensions.

  • Putting money away for the future is not immediately appealing.
  • Rather than thinking about what to do, it is easier to follow the lead of a friend even if they are less qualified than you.
  • Following the crowd often leads to people selling their pension investments at the bottom and buying at the top.
  • The concept of time often gets lost in planning for retirement.
  • The reflection on your actions is based on your values and those that are closest to you.

Every day, TPAS sees pensions decisions that change lives. Please could you :

  1. Pause, give yourself time to make decisions about your retirement;
  2. Talk to specialists who are dealing with similar issues every day; and
  3. Think about your pension, it could change your life.

You can call our specialists for free on 0800 011 3797, or contact us in a number of other ways.

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