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Saint Sylvester’s Day

Happy Saint Sylvester's Day, a saint who served as Pope of the Western Church from 314 to 335. This is the anniversary of Saint Sylvester's death, 31 December, a date that, since the adoption of the Gregorian calendar, has coincided with New Year's Eve.

In Europe on Saint Sylvester's Day, there are various traditions that are said to bring luck.

  • In Vienna, people walk pigs on leashes in hope to have good luck for the coming year.
  • The German’s practice the custom of Bleigiessen in which Sylvester's lead is melted over a flame in an old spoon and dropped into a bowl of cold water; one's fortune for the coming year is determined by the shape of the lead. If the lead forms a ball, you will be lucky while the shape of an anchor means help in need.
  • In Belgium, young ladies must finish work by the time of sunset else they will not get married in year to come.
  • In Italy, you bring luck by eating lentils and slices of sausage because they look like coins and symbolise good fortune and the richness of life for the coming year.

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