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The Royal Wedding

Our congratulations go to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as they embark on their new life together. It is exciting for any couple when they find a SUITable match with whom they want to spend the rest of their lives together. 

Whilst it is not the same level of excitement, it is important to have a pension that SUITS your needs. Here are some tips on what makes a perfect fit.

  • Your workplace pension may offer you a wide range of investment choices but will also offer some default funds that have been designed to SUIT most of the membership. If you decide to choose the bespoke route, it is important that you remember to regularly review your choices. You must think about whether you have the investment knowledge and also the interest to take on this role.
  • You may have a number of pensions from previous employments that you wish to consolidate into your own non-workplace pension scheme. Many people are taken with the idea of having their own self invested personal pension plan, of which there are some excellent ones on the market. It is important that you tot up all of the charges that apply. It may be than an “off the peg” personal pension plan does everything that you need and is cheaper.
  • If you have some old vintage pensions, which have special features. Before transferring pensions, speak to us so that we can tell you what to look for. You should also be aware that some of the vintage pensions have high charges and you would benefit from moving the money into a current fashionable pension, this is especially true where you contract has exit charges and you have reached age 55 – click on our spotlight where we explain more.
  • When it comes to retirement, you need to bespoke tailor your retirement income to meet your needs. You can mix & match your retirement options, like a SUIT jacket with a pair of jeans. This can take some time to think about so do not delay having a conversation with us even if it is still some years off when you want to access your pensions.

As important as finding your life partner is ensuring that you plan for the retirement that you want to share. If you are looking for the perfect relationship with your pension, give us a call.

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