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Random Acts of Kindness Day

Did you know that today is the Random Acts of Kindness day?

If you work in the retirement savings space, there is no excuse not to do an act of kindness today. Why? There is a vast asymmetry of peoples knowledge on pensions and what they need to know to get their pension and long term savings to work best for them. The Pensions Advisory Service benefits from having a great team of staff and volunteers who have chosen to work for it because their pensions knowledge can be used directly to help people.

I said it was easy to do at least one act of kindness today. I thought that I should prove it by writing a list.

1) Help a friend to find a lost pension – easy for us but very hard if you don’t know the type of pension
2) Suggest that a friend checks that their nomination of wishes forms with every pension is up to date
3) Show how a pension contribution is automatically increased by the tax reliefs
4) Offer to look at a friend’s pension scheme booklet to explain how to make the most efficient use of the benefits being offered
5) Take home your friend’s carrier bag of “pension stuff”, sort it out and give it back with the papers that are needed and a summary of pensions and long term savings

There must be others. Can you add to my list?

PS By the way, my Finance & IT Manager tells me that  The Random Acts of Kindness day in New Zealand is 1st September. Two opportunities to help a friend by using your pensions knowledge.

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