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Pension Scams Campaign Launch

Pensions have been a hot topic in recent months, with more and more people talking about and, more importantly, thinking about how to prepare for their future. A good pension can change your life, providing reassurance and happiness for many years into retirement. However, pensions continue to be threatened by convincing scammers, offering inappropriate, high risk and often illegal investments.

Much work has already been done to help raise consumer awareness about scams, but the message needs to continue to ensure that even more people know what a pension scam is, the techniques scammers use and the consequence of transferring a life time of savings.
Michelle Cracknell, Chief Executive of the Pension Advisory Service said “We are seeing positive signs that consumers are more aware of pension scams, which is great news but one scam is a scam too many, so we want to continue to help consumers spot the tricks that are tricking people out of their hard earned money and leaving many with little or nothing for retirement.

The online campaign launched today echoes the key messages on spotting a scam and we hope that it will reach even more people. Pension scams are a nasty trick. With the support of Project Bloom, the Pensions Regulator and other key organisations, we hope that even more people will have the knowledge and confidence in spotting scams and ultimately, help to protect their financial future.”

The campaign launched today will provide information about the things pension savers should look out for and the safeguards they can make to protect themselves from scammers. To support the campaign, you can follow @TPASNews or the #protectyourpension on Twitter or search for 'The Pensions Advisory Service' on Facebook. 

Don’t be tricked by a Pension Scam.
For more information about pension scams and where to go next, please visit The Pension Regulator’s dedicated website.

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