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National Cat Day

29th October is celebrated as National Cat Day in order “to help galvanise the public to recognise the number of cats that need to be rescued each year and also to encourage cat lovers to celebrate the cat(s) in their life for the unconditional love and companionship they bestow upon us.”

And as with so many things in life, anyone looking for a cat today has a bewildering array of options ahead of them. From the Cornish Rex to the Dragon Li through to the Ragamuffin. Experts have categorised 58 standardised breeds of cat and each has their own characteristics.

The British Shorthair, first brought to these shores by the invading Romans, is known for its relatively calm temperament.  The Owyhee Bob is sometimes said to have a temperament more like that of a dog than a cat; they can be taught to play fetch, sit, and lie down. While the Manx are prized as skilled hunters and are much sought after by farmers with rodent problems, as well as being a preferred ship's cat breed.

Even so, I’m sure we all know someone who would have no trouble talking you through what to consider when buying a cat, as well as how you can look after and play with it.
Unfortunately, the same is rarely true for pensions as people rarely know where to turn for help. Far too many people regard their pension as I once did the Ukrainian Levkoy cat, appearing to be from another world: mysterious, without explanation and even mildly threatening. However, take the trouble to get to know the Levkoy and you will find one of the world’s most friendly, playful, and intelligent cat breeds. It is at home cuddling up to you as it is the family dog.

So appearances can be deceiving. And of course, there is a lesson in there for your pension. The paperwork your provider sent you may be full of obscure terms like ‘Lifetime Allowance’, ‘Safeguarded Benefit’ or ‘Market Value Reduction’. These terms, too, may appear mysterious, without explanation, perhaps even mildly threatening.

But help is at hand. Our specialist pension guiders are available every weekday on multiple channels in order to help de-mystify your pension. So don’t sit there having kittens over your pension dilemma, get in touch with us today. If you plan to have nine lives, a pension is essential!

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