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Mother’s Day 2018

There was a great article in the Independent, this Tuesday gone, on how we are not saying “I Love You” enough to our Mums. Whilst British children on average say “I love you” 12 times a month to their Mums, once we have become adults 45% of us feel we don’t say it enough and 60% of us feel that we don’t express enough how we feel about our Mums either. Today we have the perfect opportunity to correct this and show our appreciation to our Mums on the one day in the year dedicated to all mothers. As we know however, we should be telling our Mums how we feel more than once per year!

Similarly, many of us also realise that we are not saving enough for our retirement and that we don’t engage with our pensions. Just like only saying ‘I love you mum’ once per year, we should also be thinking about our pensions more often. So not this Sunday, but perhaps one weekend before the end of the tax year it may be worthwhile collecting all your pension statements together and seeing what you have so far in terms of pension provision. Then the following Monday, think about giving us a call or webchat  and we can help you to make sense of your pension position, answer any questions you may have and give you guidance on things you may not have even considered doing – providing the sort of wisdom that Mums provide in other areas of our lives!

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