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Mid-life MOT – The half time show 

Today is Super Bowl Sunday, a day on which the National Football League (NFL) have their annual championship game. This year it’s the turn of New England Patriots versus the Philadelphia Eagles to fight it out for the ultimate title. The big game is watched by millions across the world and although it’s not an official holiday in the USA, many households gather together to watch it, including those who wouldn’t normally consider themselves American Football fans. 

As well as football, the super bowl is also famous for its widely popular halftime shows, with famous singers and bands performing to the crowds. For those who aren’t the biggest football fans, the mid-point of the game can often be the defining moment and the real reason they turned up or tuned in to watch. 

This pinnacle mid-point moment is something that John Cridland suggested should happen when looking at retirement. For those who have had their 50th birthday, it is a significant life event that makes you reflect on the future. In his review of the State Pension age, he recommended that a ‘mid-life MOT’ at age 50, would be a helpful trigger point to encourage people to take stock and allow them to make realistic choices about their work, health and retirement plans. It would give people the opportunity to make any changes or plans to ensure that their life going forward would suit their needs now and in retirement.

But how do we make this a success?

Just as the Super Bowl has become a regular event that people are aware of and engage with, the mid-life MOT needs to become a socially accepted aspect in people’s lives (at age 50 or by it) where they think about the future and actively engage in a positive way. It could be as spectacular as Justin Timberlake’s performance at today’s Super Bowl mid-time show and could be equally as spectacular in considering what really matters and how you choose to spend the second half of your life.

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