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Marriage Week: When to Tie the Knot

When thinking about getting married one of the first things to consider is when during the year you’d like to tie the knot. Summer is peak season for weddings; peak season means one thing - peak prices. Engaged couples have to choose how much to spend for those special moments that will (hopefully) last a lifetime. (Not to worry, we have a divorce and pensions appointment service if not!)

Paying for a wedding can put a huge dent in the bank balance especially if you want custom made thrones or a 10 tier gold leaf cake – trust me, I checked! I got married last year and, like all brides say, mine was the best wedding ever. We had to make choices to stay within budget so we invested in the parts that were important to us (cake, flowers, and caricaturist (highly recommend)). We had to compromise elsewhere to keep the piggy bank afloat. August was swapped for February and a Saturday wedding was exchanged for a Monday. These two changes made it so much more affordable and meant we could eat more than baked beans on toast!  

It made me think that choices are crucial, not just for weddings but for all aspects of financial planning. Here at TPAS we see how pensions are posing consumers with so many choices about their potential, current and future retirement plans. These include choices over where to invest, how much to contribute, when and how to access the pension pot. The same rules apply – focus on what is important to you. 

Sometimes we have to make choices to afford the wedding or the retirement that we want - Monday in February, exotic holidays or retire sooner. Remember it’s your money, your choice and your retirement; make it work for you.

Like my wedding, it does help to talk to someone who has done if before. If you’ve got a choice to make about your pension and you’d like some help and guidance about what your options are, please contact our service on 0300 123 1047 or webchat live via our website.

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