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Jumbo Pensions

On this world animal day, we would like to pay homage to elephants.
The elephant is one of nature’s gentle giants. Throughout history, they have inspired and intrigued us.
In Hinduism, Lord Ganesha has the head of an elephant, which is thought to bring luck to those starting out in business or buying a new home.
In the 19th Century, Jumbo the elephant became a star on both sides of the Atlantic and has become an adjective for everything large from jumbo jets to jumbo sales.
Elephants have also crossed the Alps with Hannibal, been pets of Kings and Popes and, in the case of Sri Lanka and Taiwan, acted as national champions.
Elephants are also considered by many cultures to have incredible memories – “Elephants never forget”. This is a scientific fact with elephants having a long and good memory, which is key to their survival. An elephant can remember a zookeeper who has mistreated him or an elephant that was part of their herd.
Here at The Pensions Advisory Service, we are lucky to have pension specialists that can remember the intricacies of legacy schemes from section 226 retirement annuity contracts to old executive pension plans. Our specialists have incredible “elephant-like” memories that have built the TPAS Knowledge Bank.
We offer guidance on how to juggle savings priorities to achieve retirement goals, which may bring luck to those starting a new business or buying a new home.
Saving for retirement may feel like climbing the Alps when you start out but, with good guidance and planning, achieving a jumbo pension is possible so give us a call on 0800 011 3797.

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