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Job Shaming

Geoffrey Owens is 57 years old and was earning $11 an hour working at Trader Joe’s, in Clifton, New Jersey. For most people working in retail at any age for an honest dollar/pound is not a point of shame. It was for Geoffrey until a shopper recognised him as a former “Cosby Show” actor, photographed him and passed it on to the media who mocked his “fall from grace”.

There are many of us who either wish to or need to change job roles during our long working lives. Some of us change from being employed to being self-employed and some of us look to change industries completely. At TPAS, we have been offering a Mid Life Review for the self-employed to help them look at where they are and work out their plans in relation to their retirement. In some cases, people’s retirement plans are tied in with changing roles in the future and seeing their pensions as a way of facilitating that. For others, they have already made changes to their work and they need to amend their plans to stay on track with their retirement goals. If you are self-employed and are interested take a look at our Mid Life Review page.

Geoffrey Owens could also be described as a jobbing actor, somebody who takes on other work until acting roles become available. The good news for Geoffrey is that, there was a backlash on the media commentary from the public through social media and he is now finding himself on talk shows and being offered acting work once more.

If you need some help, TPAS offers pensions guidance to help people navigate through sometimes tough choices so they can facilitate their dreams. If you are self-employed and would welcome a Mid Life Review, please check out Mid Life Review page and for anyone else why not give us a call on 0800 011 3797.

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