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In your 90s and still working?

What have Emmerdale and the Archers got in common? Apart from the obvious of them both being long-running soaps set in the British countryside, both dramas currently have two main character actors in their 90s. 
June Spencer is 98 and plays Peggy Wooley in the Archers. June was first heard in the pilot episode of the Archers in the 1950s and she is determined to turn 100 whilst still on the show. June’s character Peggy has had to care for a partner with Alzheimer’s and as an actor has been both a source of inspiration and a teacher for younger actors.
On Emmerdale, Freddie Jones who has turned 90 and has played character Sandy Thomas for the last 12 years is going to leave the show but critically he is not retiring. He finds acting “rejuvenating” and it’s his intention to carry on doing new roles.
Many of us are working longer, past traditional retirement ages. It may be that you use a pension to help you change career in later life, cut back your hours or slow down. The Cridland Review into the State Pension suggested that everyone have a Mid-Life MOT to help them make decisions on career, pensions, savings, health and lifestyle to prepare for living and potentially working longer. Before Mid-Life MOTs are introduced, if you would like information and guidance on things to consider in relation to using your pension for later life, please feel free to give us a call on 0300 123 1047 and perhaps you will be walking the boards or another fulfilling another aspiration in your 90s.

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