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How time flies!

If you are feeling grumpy that you have lost an hour of your weekend, blame Will Willet! He was a UK builder who campaigned that clocks were moved forward by 80 minutes over 4 Sundays in April, and then the reverse in September. This led to the Summer Time Act introduced in 1925. Only 80% of the world population are affected by the Daylight Savings Time; if you want to avoid it, move to Russia, Arizona (except the Navajo nation), most parts of Africa and South America or the northern part of Australia.

I really enjoyed the Aviva reality check “Shape my future” where time did literally fly buy for 2 people who were aged by the help of a very clever make up department. Most of all, I enjoyed the fact that the outcome was good for the lady; refreshing to have a positive story about pensions rather than the “80% of people are not saving enough towards their pension” story.

The reality is that time flies by and before we know it, we are in our 50s and retirement is close by. Fifty somethings today are facing a very different retirement to their parents with most of them having a significant part of their pension being provided through a defined contribution scheme. The Cridland report suggested a mid-life MOT. We believe that there should be a “Health & Wealth” check for those at age 50 so that they are aware of what they need to do in order that they have the retirement income that they need and want.

Supporters of Daylight Saving Time, says it makes us 20% more active. You definitely want to make sure that you have enough retirement income to enjoy the extra time and activity!

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