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How Many Shopping Days ‘Til Retirement?

What type of Christmas shopper are you?

  • Hunter Hawk always has one eye on the bargains and takes Black Friday off to queue outside stores to grab the biggest and best bargain.
  • Wise Owl started shopping for Christmas in May and has a list of who they need to buy for and what to get them
  • Serene Swan glides from shop to shop taking their time browsing hundreds of stores or trawling online for the most thoughtful and perfect gift idea.
  • Big Day Out Shopping Duck strolls with their brood in tow, looking for fun and festive distractions, always a wonder how any shopping gets done.
  • Last Minute Panic Shopping Chicken is always in a rush, running around in a hurry because their Christmas shopping has been left until the last minute.

When 2,000 shoppers were interviewed, 42% identified themselves as Hawks and an amazing 35% said that they were Owls starting their Christmas shopping by August; that is in the summer!

What do you think the results would be if we surveyed “pension shopping habits”? The chicken bird analogy immediately springs to mind with decisions left too late. However, we have to remember that people have been recipients of pensions not consumers of pensions so it is more a question of not knowing that they have to “shop” for a pension. This is why we are so keen on introducing interventions such as the mid-life MOT and default guidance to create a new social norm of retirement planning.

We have seen a 143% increase in the number of customers that contact TPAS. Whilst we are only dealing with a fraction of the people that need help, we want to work with more partners who want to turn the public into Wise Owls when it comes to their planning for retirement.

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