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Call: 0800 011 3797


Heatwave Revelations

With the recent hot weather, the grass, as reported on the BBC, is not as lush as it normally is and hidden landscapes have been revealed. The phantom foundations of a mansion in Nottinghamshire, a Victorian garden in Lancashire, a WW2 RAF station in Hampshire and a stone age monument in Ireland have all been photographed in recent weeks due to the clement weather.
Our specialists are used to discovering different legacies, from helping customers trace lost pension pots or understand where their old occupational pensions came from and what they mean. There are also old pensions that would have been sold by providers in the past such as section 226 Retirement Annuity Contracts or Executive Pension Plans that even the pension providers have difficulty explaining to their customers. Our specialists with their wealth of experience are good at cutting back the grass, and revealing the plan underneath. Once rediscovered, some of these pensions form the foundations of our users’ retirement plans for the future.
If you need a pension explained or you’re a provider and you need to point a customer to impartial guidance, The Pensions Advisory Service is ready and willing to help on 0800 011 3797

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