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Happy St. David’s Day!

Hapus Dydd Gŵyl Dewi!

The story of St David is not about slaying dragons or winning wars. It is thought that he was an aristocrat who became a monk and dedicated his life to teaching. According to legend, David saw that when the Welsh soldiers were fighting the Saxons, they struggled to identify friend from foe. He suggested that soldiers should identify themselves by wearing a leek (“cennin”) on their helmets. More recently, the daffodil often replaces the leek as the Welsh National emblem because it looks more attractive and smells a lot better. Not as tasty though! One of the many Welsh names for a daffodil is Peter’s leek (“cenhinen Bedr”).

David dedicated his life to teaching. There is often a cry that we need to educate, educate, educate (“addysgwch, addysgwch, addysgwch”) people on their pensions. We do not agree based on our insight. Why?

  • Most attempts at communicating with people are very negative; “people are not saving enough for their pension”. The research that we did with State Street and People’s Pension showed this is the wrong approach. For any gender, age and income group, people respond better to positive (“cadarnhaol”) messages.
  • “We want to educate people on pensions”. No! People are experts on the most important aspect of pension planning, themselves. We need to encourage (“annog”) and enthuse (“ymdeimlad”) people to talk about themselves and those of us who work in pensions can work out the pension solution.
  • Messages like “you need to save into a pension” are meaningless and don't focus on what matters to people. You need to be able to have an income to do the things that you want to do in life. It is about helping people manage their lives (“bywydau”).

In our service, we aim to help people by :

  • Assisting them (“cynorthwyo”)
  • Guiding them (“canllaw”)
  • Equipping them (“cyfarpar”)

Our acronym for help is AGE (assist, guide and equip). In Welsh “CCC”.

If David was in pensions, he would say “pobl yn gyntaf, pensiynau'n ail” – People first, pensions second.

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