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Fortune Cookies

I shared out a box of fortune cookies this weekend. I like the taste, which reminds me of a sweet ice cream cone, and the excitement of the thought provoking (and potentially life changing) motto. The mottos that came out of the fortune cookies that I shared with my friends (Adam, Gavin and Ellie) this weekend were:

  • A thrilling time is in your immediate future.
  • Plan for many pleasures ahead.
  • Something you lost will soon turn up.

My friends scoffed at the optimism in all of their mottos so I set about making them come true. It was very easy.
We started talking about the level of pension contributions that each of us was putting into our workplace pension schemes. Gavin was very proud that a total of 12% was going into his workplace pension; he has a generous employer. He said that he had one other pension from his previous employer. I said that I was prepared to take on the challenge that I could make all 3 mottos true for him.

The next day, using his LinkedIn profile, a company due diligence website and the Pension Tracing Service, I had managed to find a total of 8 possible pensions including an overseas public sector pension. We drafted the letters and are now hoping for a thrilling time in the immediate future by finding some lost pensions so that he can plan for pleasure in his retirement.
It may take some time but as my motto said……

  • Your everlasting patience will be rewarded sooner or later.

….I am confident that the challenge will be achieved. For those of us fortunate to know our way around pensions, help your friends with their lost pensions. If you are reading this with no links into the pension world, call The Pensions Advisory Service on 0800 011 3797.

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