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Eat what you want day

Most of the time, we are told what we should not eat so it is good to enjoy an “Eat what you want day”. We can learn about how we encourage people to save for their retirement by looking at the multimillion and much talked about world of dieting.

  1. Diets slow down weight loss
    When you cut your calories, your body adjusts by burning fewer calories. If you are a member of a workplace pension scheme, there is a strong chance that you think that the contributions set out by the scheme are enough for you.
  2. Diets tell you what you cannot eat
    A diet says that you cannot eat chips. As a non-chip eater, you now obsess over a bowl of chips as they have become the forbidden food. Pension companies tell you how much (and we mean much!) you have to save to have a mediocre pension. Now, you're obsessing about everything else that you could do with that amount of pension savings.
  3. Diets are not fun
    Diets have an element of deprivation and a “tough-it-out attitude”. For building a retirement income, there is too much emphasis on the hard bit of finding money to put into the pension. Most people have lost at least one pension or do not know how much they will get from the State. Setting a task of finding lost pensions is a fun way to start saving for retirement.
  4. Check your weight every day
    Great if you have lost weight but if you have put on a pound, there is a danger that you throw in the towel and tuck into the chocolate. How true that is with investments; “Review your pension regularly”. Really? If your fund has gone down, it may result in swapping investments at the wrong time or, worse still, stop contributions.
  5. “No carbs” diet is best
    The history of different diet fads is long and distinguished. It is really simple; burn more calories than you eat and you will lose weight. The same is true for pensions. There is no golden bullet that will engage people in saving for their retirement. Different methods will suit different people so let’s give people lots of ways that they could save, one may suit them.
  6. Want to lose weight? Pay £9.99 for a video that will guarantee you lose 10lbs in 10 days.
    The diet industry is a multi-million-pound industry. Celebrities and companies pile into it with books, foods, classes etc. There are multi-million pounds invested in pensions. No wonder there are scammers

If you'd like to know more, read our spotlight on saving into a pension. If this article has made you hungry for answers get in touch with our specialists who will give you some food for thought.

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