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Easter Eggs in the Small Print

Christmas is barely over when the Easter eggs appear in supermarkets. 2018 may be remembered for the White Crème Egg debacle.

Cadbury’s marketing team came up with this great idea that it would make a small number of white crème eggs. If you are lucky enough to find that your crème egg is white, you could win £2,000.

This has led to crème egg boxes all over the country being full of half-opened eggs where a customer has scraped the foil to reveal the colour of the chocolate. In fact, all you need to do is look at the list of ingredients where the prize crème eggs are shown to be made of white chocolates. (Health & Safety regulation can have their uses!)

This is a reminder of the importance of reading the small print. Whilst a pension has a lot of small print, it is often worth a lot more than £2,000. Before making any decision about your pension, do read the small print. If you need some help, contact The Pensions Advisory Service. We can help you without having to scrape the foil!

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