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Divorce, dissolution and Pensions:  Things to think about

In 2014, it was reported that there were 111,169 divorces in England and Wales, with the highest among men aged 45-49 and women aged 40-44 (ONS: 2014). While divorce overall appears in decline compared to previous years, it remains a significant topic for pension savers going through the process.   

At TPAS, we talk to lots of pension savers who’re thinking of, going through or are already divorced. Many of these individuals have very different ideas about what including a pension asset in a divorce looks like and what it might mean for them; both in the immediate and in the future. Most questions we receive highlight how many divorcing couples are either misinformed or have limited knowledge about their real rights when it comes to sharing pension benefits, during and after a divorce.

To help improve understanding, we’ve taken the time to have review and refresh our online website content, developing a dedicated document on the topic. We aim to help highlight and debunk some of the myths surrounding pension provision and divorcing, explaining what the real options are and how it all works, both before and after a divorce. 

Michelle Cracknell, Chief Executive of the Pension Advisory Service said “Choosing to divorce is often a very difficult decision with many personal and financial implications. Majority of people aren’t aware of their options when it comes to sharing a pension and others don’t know that it can even be included as a financial asset. Here at TPAS, we frequently see examples of divorcing individuals whose biggest asset is their pension, with many daunted at the prospect of needing to consider it as part of their divorce settlement.

The new content and campaign we’re launching today, we hope will provide consumers with better insight into what pensions and divorce really looks like and offer them the help and support they need, regardless of what point in the journey they are on.

You can read our new online content, dedicated document and find out how we might be able to help you if you’re thinking about starting the divorce process by clicking here.

If you have a question about pensions and divorce/dissolution or a pension question in general, you can contact the team on 0300 123 1047 (Monday- Friday, 9 -5) or, you can use alternative methods to contact us here.  

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