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Daniel retires at 60 - method in his acting!

Daniel Day Lewis retires at the young age of 60! He must be doing something right to have this option. I am intrigued so wanted to see if there were any clues.

Daniel Day Lewis was a great advocate of method acting where, to give an authentic performance, he plays the part throughout filming, even when the cameras are turned off. In the filming of “My Left Foot”, where he played a severely paralysed character, off screen Day-Lewis had to be moved around the set in his wheelchair. Crew members would curse at having to lift him over camera and lighting wires and spoon feed him, all so that he might gain insight into all aspects of his character’s life, including the embarrassments. It was rumoured that he had broken two ribs during filming from assuming a hunched-over position in his wheelchair for so many weeks.

Are there ways that a version of this method can help people plan for retirement. Some say that using an ageing app is a good starting point to getting motivated in planning for your retirement. There is also another great driver. Most people like to know what they are doing and shy away from doing things where they feel stupid because they do not know enough. On our helpline, we can hear the reluctance in people’s voices to talk about pensions, where many people feel completely out of their depth, even Andy Haldane at the Bank of England.

Fear not! Most, if not all people, are experts in one thing; themselves. That is a great expertise and a great starting point for taking control of your life with finance being an important element in having control of your life. Our dream call is where a customer talks about themselves and what they want. We can then carry out the diagnostic to turn their pensions into something that provides them with what they need.

Let’s spread the message, advice and guidance is best delivered when a customer talks about the subject that they are most expert in, themselves. Far less scary than using an ageing app!

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