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Congratulations to Laurence Henry!

Congratulations to Laurence Henry the winner of the BBC’s MasterChef the Professionals. Last night was the finale of a competition that started with 48 hopeful professional chefs, and ended up with one champion being chosen from three last chefs standing.

Oli, was the forest foraging imminent father-to-be with creative ideas. Dean, the private chef used to cooking for Royalty and Rock Stars. Laurence, the lad from Nottingham, who was simply called the Next Generation by Marcus Waring. We suspect all three of them will open their restaurants in the near future but Laurence has now catapulted himself along that journey. When Laurence does become Head Chef of his own place, he wants his brother supporting him as Front of House.

There are now 4.8 million self-employed in the UK not all of them chefs but many with their own businesses and big dreams.  Many are like Laurence, relying on their family for support in their business. Others are like Oli being creative in how they find new work. Some are like Dean who have been working in one way and now looking to change how they work and expand.

TPAS launched a Midlife Review/MOT for self-employed people earlier this month. As well as having telephone based appointments, we also have a digital version on our website. If you’re self-employed and aged between 35-55, why don’t you check out our Midlife Review? Please click here.

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