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Colours of Yuletide

Red is the colour of Father Christmas, holly berries and poinsettias. Red is also the colour of prosperity and passion. Think of all the brands that use red; Coca-Cola, Budweiser, Ferrari, Shell. In China, it is connected with good fortune and many Asian brides wear red.

Green has been associated with the Yule season for many years, by many different cultures. Green is the colour of money. You should hang evergreen boughs and holly branches around your house or decorate a tree with green ribbons to bring money into your home. It is also the colour of rebirth and renewal.

White is associated with purity and truth in many Pagan magical practices. In the Yule, we hang white snowflakes and stars around your home as a way of keeping the spiritual environment clean.

Gold was one of the gifts brought by the Magi when they went to visit the new-born Jesus. In Hinduism, gold is connected with deity - in fact, you'll find that many statues of Hindu gods are painted gold. In Judaism, the first Menorah was crafted from a single lump of gold by a craftsman named Bezalel, the same artist who built the gold covered Ark of the Covenant, which was also covered in gold. You just can't help but feel good about things when you're surrounded by gold!

The colours of pensions are the same.

  • Green – many people feel green when faced with decisions about pensions. You are one of many so take the opportunity of getting some help from the specialists at The Pensions Advisory Service who talk pensions every day!
  • White – Millennials are referred to as the snowflake generation, rather derogatory. In fact, the Millennials have showed us all up with the number who have not opted out of automatic enrolment.
  • Red – be aware of the scams. Cold calling will not stop the scams as pensions are too rich pickings and are the perfect storm; low customer knowledge and high value.
  • Gold – your retirement should be your golden years when you enjoy the fruits of your labours. A pension is a good way to make sure that happens.
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