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Christmas Jumper Day

I am a “bah humbug” when it comes to Christmas Jumper Day but felt guilty when I googled it. Save the Children’s website simply says “Make the world better with a sweater”. What a great aim.

If you are sporting a festive jumper today, what type of Christmas Jumper person are you?

  • “Supermarket value range” jumper
  • “Over the top with all the trimmings” jumper
  • “Made it myself” jumper
  • “Satire” jumper

We have the same range in pensions.

  • Workplace pension” – This is a good place to start. Workplace pensions usually offer good value and have been selected by a team who have responsibility for checking the quality and suitability of the scheme.
  • Self-invested personal pension” – There are pensions that offer you a huge range of investment choices. These pensions do cost more and need to be managed so do not have a SIPP unless you really need one. (Like the Christmas jumper; do you need to spend £50 on the jumper or could you give more to Save the Children.)
  • DIY pension investor – Some people set up and manage their own investments. For many decisions, people who have a basic understanding of their finances can manage their own pension fund. The piece of advice that we would give is do consider getting some guidance and advice on some of the bigger decisions such as drawdown.
  • My property/business is my pension” – I was cynical about Christmas jumper day until I found out more about it. I would make the same plea to people that are cynical about pensions. Check them out, they have some good features.

Enjoy wearing or looking at all the jumpers today and make your life after work better with a pension.

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