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Champions League Final

The Champions League Final is one of the most spectacular events in football with two of Europe’s elite teams battling it out for the Cup with the Big Ears. Both teams have pedigree with Liverpool aiming to win for the 6th time and Real Madrid looking for their 13th Cup and their second in a row.

It is the Redmen of Liverpool that we wish good luck to though, as we remember the last time they won at the Ataturk Stadium in Istanbul. At halftime, the score was 3-0 not to Liverpool but to AC Milan with one of the toughest defences in European football at the time. Most teams would give up at this point and be thinking about damage limitation but Liverpool did not. Inspired by laughter in the opposition’s changing room, they started the fightback scoring three goals in the second half, taking the game into extra time and winning on penalties. The match was scintillating and showed the romance of football. 

There is an idea being floated in pensions at the moment of a Mid-Life MOT or Review to assess where people are at their halftimes. Some of us have scored a few goals and some of us may be three goals down already. Losing is not an option for any of us. So we either win the game in normal time by saving more towards our retirement or in extra time by working longer. You don’t have to wait until Mid Life MOTs are available. You can call one of our dedicated pensions specialists to talk about where you are towards your retirement goals and get information and guidance to make you a Champion in later life. Call us on 0800 011 3797 or use our live webchat.

And once again Good Luck to Liverpool and please win it in the first half!

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