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Volunteering Day

Yesterday was International Volunteering Day, celebrating all those individuals who contribute their time, skills and expertise to give back to their communities. We would like to celebrate those who volunteer later in life.

As well as helping others and giving back, volunteering can also give the volunteer a sense of purpose. As part of the Blue Zones project, looking at areas of the world where people live, longer, happier and healthier, a sense of purpose has been identified as a key ingredient.

The Cridland Review talked about fuller working lives before people retire. For some people, this involves working in jobs they feel are worthwhile but for others that could equally be volunteering before and after retirement. Volunteering offers social interaction and participation in communities. At TPAS some of our volunteers who share their pensions technical expertise also cite, on top of the desire to help people, the need to talk about pensions without boring their family!

Since 1982, TPAS has benefitted from volunteers who have helped us help the public. In our last year before joining the new Single Financial Guidance Body, we wish to thank all those that have volunteered with us over the last 35 years and look forward to working with some of you in the years to come.

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