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British Summer Time: Stop the Clocks

We have been changing our clocks back and forth each autumn and spring for a century but could this year be the last?

Within the European Union, coordinated daylight saving has been enshrined in regulation since 2002. Things might be set to change, however, with 80% of the 4.6 million EU citizens who replied to a consultation declaring they would rather not change their clocks twice a year. This comes off the back of research that shows the health effects of shifting time zones could be considerably more damaging than previously thought.

Countries such as Iceland, Turkey, Russia and Belarus have all now stopped seasonal time changes. On a closer inspection, global time zones are surprisingly chaotic with some incredibly large countries such as China and India opting for a nationally standardised time despite sunrise being several hours later in the Western most reaches of these countries. Other countries such as Australia have implemented a number of half-hour differences despite some regions being located on similar longitudes.

The most confusing of all surely has to be the small part of the Navajo Nation territory found within the Hopi Nation territory (itself within a larger Navajo Nation territory) found in Arizona. While the state of Arizona is exempt from daylight savings on a state level, the Navajo Nation does adhere to the policy, even though the smaller Hopi Nation within its borders does not. This came in very handy on a family trip to the area when we went from being late for our Colorado River trip to being just under an hour early.

Pension rules can seem equally as complicated and there are often exceptions in particular cases. For instance, if you get divorced you are entitled to half of your spouse's pension. If you get divorced in Scotland this entitlement only relates to pension savings built up during the course of the marriage, however, in the rest of the UK, the entitlement covers all years of pension saving. There are a number of ways pension sharing can be achieved.

At TPAS, our pension specialists can’t help you traverse the intricacies of international time zones but they can help you navigate the complexities of pensions. You can call them on 0800 011 3797.

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