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Bohemian Rhapsody: A Pension Tribute to Queen

With a new Queen movie out, we thought it’s about time we had a pensions story that was full of songs from one of the World’s biggest bands.
“Who wants to live forever?” More of us are living longer and have to make our pensions savings last the distance. In fact on average people in their mid 50’s are likely to live to their late 80’s. And if you talk to those recently retired, they will say “I want it all” and “Don’t stop me now, I'm having such a good time, I'm having a ball”. Of course, to fund this active retirement, you need to have a decent pension.
When it comes to pensions, “We are the champions” of tax efficient investments with low charges. It’s “A Kind of Magic” that pensions allow you to save to retirement with the help of tax relief, investment performance and Good Old Fashioned compound interest.
But what are you saving for? Do you want it all? Or maybe in retirement you just want to ride your bicycle? It is good to have retirement goals that give an emotional purpose to saving, but it is also good to know how much you need to save.
If you are ever put “Under pressure” to transfer out of a defined benefit scheme or invest your pension pot into an exotic investment, you could be going “Headlong” into a pension scam. You may think “I want to break free” of the certainty of the defined benefit scheme for the more excitingly labelled pension freedoms but losing the valuable guarantees of a defined benefit scheme could be a “Killer Queen”. So “Tie your Mother Down” by making sure that you fully understand where and with whom your pension is invested or managed. 
Unfortunately, not everyone reaches retirement but “Another one bites the dust”. If you have had “Somebody to love”, for whom you have said “You’re my best friend”, “The show must go on” which is where the death benefits under the scheme are so important.
We know that sometimes you must think that listening to pension talk is like “Radio Ga Ga”. At The Pensions Advisory Service we have “One Vision” that everyone can stop work when they want to because they have a decent retirement income. We do like pensions, you could say that it is a “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”!

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