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Blood Red Moon

The Full Moon in July is called a Thunder Moon or Buck Moon as it is the time that male deer sprout their antlers and we have summer thunderstorms. But this July moon is different, it is the “Blood Moon”, which will be the longest total eclipse of the 21st Century lasting almost 2 hours. The “Blood Moon” will have a reddish appearance caused by the complex Earth’s atmosphere filtering out blue light from the sunlight that reaches the Moon. Unusually, Mars will simultaneously appear brighter than it has in 15 years as it passes closer to the earth than it has in over a decade.
Unusual events are almost the norm in pensions. This is a letter from one of our customers.
“I am writing to thank The Pensions Advisory Service for the guidance over the last 18 months regarding transferring of SIPPs held by my late wife to our daughters. The situation was definitely unusual and complex, like many pension matters, but the clear pragmatic guidance provided by your Paul was outstanding. I cannot speak highly enough of the help he provided to my daughters in this difficult period of dealing with my late wife’s estate.”
This Friday, we are seeing the end of another decade. Paul started working for TPAS almost 10 years ago as part of the Workplace Team. Through the years, Paul’s role has developed and he now finds himself at the heart of the Information and Guidance Team, renowned as the master of late night webchat – people who say men cannot multi task should watch Paul in action. For Paul, the mantra ‘Plan, Do and Review’ is key to ensuring you stay on track for your retirement goals. Having spent the best part of a decade helping people with their pension enquiries, it’s with great fondness that we bid Paul the best of luck in his retirement. What does the future hold? In his own words, ‘have campervan, will travel’. As the sun sets today and the blood moon rises, we wish Paul all the best in a very well earned retirement.

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